Describe the rise of conservative movement as seen in the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater (1964) and the election of Richard M. Nixon

Nixon Campaign – what was his strategy to win

Nixon campaigned on a platform designed to reach the “silent majority” of middle class and working class Americans. He promised to “bring us together again.” This message impacted the many Americans who were weary after years of antiwar and civil rights protests. Foreign policy was also a major factor in the election. Nixon also promised to find a way to “peace with honor” in Vietnam. images



The new knowledge that I gained from this standard was that Nixon wanted to help reach to the silent majority and working class Americans. This information will stick with me because this is one of the first president campaigns where we see a president vowing for the silent majority and the working class. American politicians should take notes on Nixon’s campaign because we all too often see politicians disregarding the people with no voice and our large working class.