Identify Jackie Robinson and the integration of baseball

What year and team did this begin?

He signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

Reaction of teammates, other MLB teams, and fans

Some of his teammates objected to having an African-American on their team. Fans made rude and mocking remarks and he and his family received threats. Particularly, at away games, Robinson received the most racial abuse. The most notable harassment was by the Phillies and their manager, Ben Chapman. Chapman and his team shouted derogatory terms at Robinson from their dugout. Many players from opposing teams threatened not to play against the Dodgers; even his own teams threatened to sit out.

When did other black players make it into the major leagues?

After noticing Robinson’s success and perseverance, other African Americans decided to leave their negro leagues to make the Major League integrated, as early as 1947, the same year Robinson joined. ┬áThese players included: Cur Roberts, Ernie Banks, Bob Trice, Willie Mays, Same “The Jet” Jethroe, Monte Irvin, Willard Brown, Hank Thompson, and Larry Doby.


As a fan of the MLB, I have always been inspired by Jackie Robinson. This impacted my world because it is crazy to think that at one point in time there were no African Americans in a sport that is greatly impacted and has a need for the talent that African American baseball players have.


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